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  Our hides

Our hides are built from natural materials in perfect harmony with nature and birdlife. Our hide network is based on nature inbuilt fixed hides but we have mobile hides as well. They can be used by one or two photographers. The distance between our hotel and the hides is 5-15 km. The hides do not provide special comfort to photographers but only their unnoticed presence. The hides are located in inaccessible places near the rocks where interesting bird species nest. It is about 80 m walk.

  Floating Hide

This is a floating platform in which photographers wade in the water. The depth of the water is between 50-120 cm. We have two floating hides. There is some space for photographic accessories and water in the hide. We provide waders in different sizes. If you wish you can use your own waders or neoprene. You can make impressive and interesting photos using the floating hide. The distance between the hide and the birds is 3-5 meters.

  Drinking Station

It is a place which is located in the valley of river Mali Lom. This is a little stream of cold and clear water which attracts many birds for bathing and drinking. You can use mobile hide. We have provided a nice low perspective for taking photos and pleasant background. We have added some branches where birds like to perch after bath. From May to August the place is visited by more than 30 species daily. You will be able to photograph Black-headed and Ortolan - Bunting, Red-rumped Swallow, Turtle Dove, Spanish - and Tree Sparrows, Hawfinch, Greenfinch, Red-backed and Lesser Grey Shrike, Jay, Green Woodpecker, Syrian Woodpecker.

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